Stock Market

Course Description

This course aims to help students build the ability and knowledge to make their own decisions with their investment decisions in the stock market. It provides a detailed analysis of the stock markets, students from any background or major can join and explore the alternative finance class. Students will get a basic introduction to stocks as well as learn practical applications of how to invest. By the end of the stock market course, students will not only know how to start investing on their own with a solid foundation.

Basic Course Content

  • Introduction Of Indian Stock Market

  • Nifty/Sensex as a Benchmark

  • Regulation of the Financial Market

  • Securities Market & their Structures

  • Investment Management (Equity/IPO)

  • Study of Bull Market & Bear Market

  • Trend Analysis

  • Live Market Knowledge

Advance Technical Course Content

  • Introduction of Technical Analysis

  • Basic of Candle Sticks Chart

  • Candle Sticks Pattern

  • Chart Pattern

  • Support & Resistance

  • Technical Indicator

  • Gap Theory

  • Understand the Law of Demand & Supply

  • Price action Theory

  • Trend Analysis

  • Study of behavior which affects trading

  • Dow Theory

  • Successful Traders Rules

Your Mentor

Vaibhav A. Shah

Vaibhav has 9 years of experience in banking and finance and 9+ years in Stock market and Technical analysis. He also has 5+ years of experience as a Trainer in the field of the stock market with a vast exposure to technical analysis trading, Arbitrage and option strategy. He has conducted multiple seminars and workshops for technical analysis and option strategy. Many students, professionals, businessmen and stock brokers have trained under him.

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